Notes Quantum Evolution

Martijn van Staveren Galder/Netherlands – January 17, 2023

Part 1 Future Earth and Man

There is also a collective listening ear, so you are not listening alone.

By thinking and feeling about new information, possibilities emerge in our consciousness. The current reality is at a dead end. It is a web of agreements that is constantly being violated.

Radical and complete revision needed in order to experience true inner freedom.

Original feeling and thinking in contrast to framed Awareness, constricted awareness.

Everything is broken down to the ground in this world to bring forward the real Heart Field, the real fields of thought that come from a whole other vibration of consciousness.

Coming back to yourself; what is denied by everyone, and taking yourself dead serious. Loading Quantum consciousness and quantum evolution together. When Quantum Consciousness opens up it leads to emotional events and fears.

You have to stop engaging in initiatives that connect to problems or issues within this reality. There is speaking from the observation of problems/pain. Something is missing to be able to think, see, know something else…. where does that come from?

What do you want to do then? What is needed? Then how do you see change to another reality? When I shift with my consciousness to a different state of being, a very emotional state or a very powerful mind state = I swap the reaction fields for something else and a different reality reacts. Frequency modules, frequency response fields, cause and effect and possibilities that switch on, allowing people to start thinking again on another level within themselves.

Love, a frequency of unframing.

Love is finding the truth in yourself and from that absolute truth unframed own consciousness, from that piece of emotion, intelligence within. Removing frames and seeing this world for what it really is! We are seers of Origin. Cosmic Re-Viewers.

Drop personal processes, evaporate and look at the bigger process. Flow into it! Our DNA is 2.4 billion km in the body, in cells, i.e. more than 15x back and forth to the sun. In those pairs of 2 (DNA), of helix, there are pieces of information, 2 % of that function. We are off! Those information pieces are receiving membranes, knowledge of yourself from another world.

There are spike proteins in DNA, which function as glue particles to transfer and receive information…. Cleaning up in yourself, stepping out of systems thinking, these are liberations through which a frequency of your own emerges that turns on a spike protein in the DNA, an information, which is pure consciousness from another cosmic field where everything gives access to you! Reprogramming DNA and getting rid of the programs that have nothing to do with you and your frame of thinking….

We are Warriors of the Heart, Keepers of the Truth, and we, as people of the Earth, can make our choices of what is going to come through now. Passages can only be brought about through our insides. We are Warriors in absolute confidence in life, in being human, about the times we live in. We are guiding this transition!

Part 2 Cosmic theft.

If it turns out that all the thoughts that were there were never yours at all, you might ask what were those feelings based on? Those feelings do belong to you, but they were glued to it by those thoughts. So that’s called Cosmic theft of emotions, feelings being attached to 3D situations or thoughts. So there are two fields of intelligence that come together, and so either you stay asleep to that and chase it OR you look at a scientific branch of consciousness and in that you can determine what real self-feeling is.

You have to realize that all your life you already carry the absolute frequency within, of Free Will. And that that is a complete shift, so physical, material, neurological, inner, intelligent feeling consciousness. Who will come to the forefront? The 3D person with all those programs and reaction fields OR do you step forward and say “Here I am”.

We are very powerful loving, very rich in frequency full beings with enormous potential of connecting, in living, feeling, caring. We can see so powerfully, have such a resonance field of warmth and truth, that has to come forward!

It is the end of an era. A rare event from organic to organic assisted by AI, artificial intelligence! Linking the organic to the artificial. Digital super intelligence is literally going to take everything out of our hands. The goals of life are moving. What are you going to say goodbye to? Do you realize what is left of it? Your development is already there, it just needs to be opened. We will no longer live for the things we do now. Then who am I? What is the intelligence of me if all these things are gone? Opening fields of consciousness. Awareness power sets frequencies in motion, connecting you with another part of yourself

All work comes to an end. We are in the middle of the retraining; it is being staged by forces that have interests to maintain control over humanity. This is an emotional mourning period because the mental human in the 3D model, stops. The parameters of now come to an end, so based on what do I make my choices? The frame of who I am here, including my consciousness that cracks open because the whole environment in which I thrive disappears.

We come to the emotional and technological laws of creation. Feeling through quantum physics, getting the antenna in and realizing that I myself am a life developer and bringer to release stuck fields, emotions, thoughts that are not organic …. and it can go away. There is no question of holding back, expressing your own certainties in the Field.


The JEH-SU´H-JAH frequency is generated by consciousness, which is free, which can feel itself. On earth that is the feeling part, the heart, which generates an energy signal, frequency field and which falls under the words:

1. -RESPECT- Empathizing with the other – Neither approving nor disapproving.

2. -FREEDOM- Feeling in yourself and everyone.

3. -TRUST- in yourself, whatever appears on your screen.

But the fields what it really is that is JEH-SU´H-JAH = the Life Force, the Master Cell that is also in our DNA, placed in it by the designers of this experiment

These 3 frequencies is the Trinity Energy being written about. The one, who carries this in the heart, does not think along, bringing together quantum physical science, with feeling autonomous consciousness.

It is a life code, a frequency force, these 3 frequencies. It is the source code of creation. It is trust in yourSelf & in the Force. So it’s about the vibration, not the narrative from which is spoken.

The only thing you know is what is the truth of your emotions, what you feel.

These 3 frequencies is a life vibration that was brought into this world over 2000 years ago, when a narrowing of frequencies took place in independent self-feeling, when models were introduced that had to be obeyed.

Experiencing freedom within an offered system…… If you remove all those systems then you come to the Master Cell of Life. The Master Cell is the Trinity Energy. Everything here is aimed at completely subverting this Trinity. The Master Cell of Creation relies on its own experience.

You have to transcend yourself by looking at yourself in a whole different way, gaining selfinsight, why you make certain mistakes and feel certain things that you need and don’t give yourself.

There is a reason to bring back those trinity fields, these organic life fields, which fuel everything, and bring them back into focus, because this is not our “home” here.

The Key code within us, the Key of Creation, the Master Cell that we all have, in which we should honor each other to the greatest depths, in the uniqueness that we are, that we meet therein and work “consciousness” with each other.

Part 3 

You are there with your Consciousness that you are aware of. This is the Core! From here and now, where you are right now; the only place about which you can say that you know what is happening. Everything else is in some way an assumption. So where there is an assumption, your Consciousness cannot actually be there. Here, now this is the real actual place where your Consciousness can establish, here now, that you are there, right now. And it is precisely about the NOW Force! If you can do the same in your dream, then you bring the NOW Consciousness there too, and there is no room for fill-ins that can be brought about through established time zones.

You just have to carry the conviction that you had a very bad childhood, you know yourself, while at the moment it is merely a memory, a frequency.

The Consciousness behind the physical human, so what matter is made of, the original field, has the ability to transmit energy fields through the organ the Heart, to the physical world. State of Consciousness, You, so however negativised we sometimes seem to be, we let go, we understand that there is a lot going on here, we understand that there are difficult people with malicious intentions, but we also know that those people also know love. Trust, Respect and Freedom.

So you bring the Kingdom of Home, the heart-feeling, through that Power JEH-SU´H-JAH consciousness state into your body and through the body into the field.

We are dominoes tossers! That is the Power and Cosmic Might that humans have over fields that are corrupt. Very deep within us, in everyone, are echoes that tell us back that the Original Task of who we really are is to unblock places that have gone from freedom to captivity, that have gone from respect to fight and from trust to mistrust and suspicion. These are recoded fields.

Quantum Evolution can only happen through Consciousness! So we have to give up in that sense, on all fronts, which has to do with the opposite of JEH-SU´H-JAH, and then rise in our own Strength.

The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace

Quantum entanglement

Dominoes: it is possible to place two rows of dominoes next to each other and in both rows 1 stone is the 1st stone. And knock over the 1st stone and at the same time see that other 1st stone also fall over. This is the greatest secret that we are now uncovering on the earth.

Quantum entanglement! Right now it is being used against us, we are the dominoes. There are forces pushing against a domino via a situation and thus pushing that situation into everyone’s existence. So there is something very crazy going on, a kind of delusion on quantum law that we as humans need to understand. Spirituality and science bring you together. These are quantum entanglements and the reactions coming out of them are from. Quantum Evolution!

Realize what is happening here, how it is possible for you to think something and for that thought to be reflected almost immediately or a little later in all sorts of ways, like someone says something to you, on the TV it is broadcast, on the internet, it is on a roadside sign. This is Quantum Entanglement! Getting back to ourselves and seeing how that works is now the time we have arrived at. These Quantum Reactions are important.

This is not a theory but a science at the consciousness level, which once it is fully seen and felt from the heart and that you see of “oh this is really big” “I don’t have to believe in anything, just completely return to myself, what I am, here, step into that”, that realization of how big that is.

The best thing that can happen to us is heavy emotional repression. So Now is the right time to link quantum! This is the time! That emotional pressure is nourishment; is Strength and from there, with quantum consciousness, quantum entanglement comes on much faster. And that is why we have to make decisions when we are in very extreme situations. This goes directly against psychology.

If things are done for us from the outside, it is an extension of the system. We do not then deploy our observer power, our presence power.

You have to move towards the absolute depth of consciousness. It pertains only to you alone!!!

This is where regular thoughts no longer fit in. If this should happen collectively then we can well go home. This is a stand-alone yet undiscussed reality shift and it affects you and only you!

If you apply Quantum Consciousness, Quantum Evolution, if you go for that and you do your research and you go for it then you will see everything around you change at lightning speed. This is not belief, this is Quantum Mechanics. And any thought from anything else blocks that.

Therefore, it is being intervened in order to link all the people who have the JEH-SU´H-JAH. Power with all these stories of corona, wars, energy prices, robotisation etc.

People need to stop warning about transhumanism, stop bringing fear into it! As the entire transhumanism program, the super digital intelligence that is here on earth is present in the mirror every day!! That is cyborg high efficiency in all the greatest technological possibility imaginable.

Upgrades and expansions are possible of the body, what activates the body and that requires technology! These bodies have been put out in another time vacuum through technology. It is important that we start guiding this process from autonomous self-power.

So whose evolution is this here? There are technological races who want to elevate themselves further to be able to get into an emotional creative manifestation power with their intelligence, so they need creative and emotional beings who are immortal! If you see and feel this more deeply then you can feel a deep friendship from JEH-SU´H-JAH for those races!

When you meet an authority, these are very small things in life, but they are profound in your whole vibrational field, what happens to your consciousness. Someone with “authority” uniform, role that has an authority here, that person is present but also not there, the thought summoned from an authority that controls it…. but no one controls our thoughts!

We are here to bring new thoughts.

It is about whether in the control you are suddenly on a leash into what the other person is saying. Realize “you have no authority over me in the steering, but I can see that you are standing there.” JEH-SU´H-JAH this is the new human of this world.

There is a Quantum field; there is a frequency in which everything is stored. So the thought that you have now is stored in the collective field of this reality here, so in the matrix, but simultaneously also in the Quantum Field. That happens here on earth in space and time, but outside earth, outside the thought field of our consciousness, it happens in a flash through all times in one go! So including all the possibilities that can arise from one simple nanosecond, those are already stored in the Quantum Field.

The Observer, you, observes, you are here, you experience, instruct with open-mindedness, leading in the Quantum World to an effect, initiating the next moment. That is who we originally are and what we are here to do! Then that Observer must have gotten rid of all the accepted and guided systems!

If you think in this reality that change is going to take place in the way it works here now, then it won’t! Removing our thoughts and judgments. Even disagreeing with governments has nothing to do here anymore!

You summon each other into the Field. A healthy relationship with each other, no hovering and states, attachments. We have to come to the Core-Essence, beyond the bullshit, and what remains is love and friendship in truth, being able to look at life clearly and calmly.

Carry out, in your way, what you feel is needed. Organize something in that area and go out into the world with it.

It is not the end, it is the beginning of the rise of a civilization and we are here to make that choice and bring that assistance and do that work that we have always done deep within ourselves and that is warm and caring, without giving yourself away.

We are time writers, the ones who build it. There are races busy contacting us, sending messages to us, so that we represent a collective intelligence governance again. We are slightly ahead of worldly events.

The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace

Translated from Dutch by Elmar Prinsen and Marai Kiele.